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Signs of


on Substances or Behaviours

This is a companion lesson to the one on Cannabis, however it can be used separately if you wish.

Dependence is a situation where someone has lost control of their relationship with the substance. There are many substances or behaviours that young people can develop a dependence on.


In this lesson, students explore the effects of cannabis and other substance use on pre-existing mental health problems and look at signs of dependence. 


Junior Cycle Wellbeing

Strand 4: My Mental Health

Learning Outcomes

2.5 demonstrate the personal and social skills to address pressure to smoke, to drink alcohol and/or use other substances​.

4.7 Explain the significance of substance use for one's mental health.

Lesson Plan

Dependence Lesson Plans.jpg

Slides for use in lesson

If you experience any problems with our online slides, please click here to download the PowerPoint slides.

Teacher's Resources

Delivering the Dependence Lesson

Delivering the Dependence Lesson

Play Video

Andrew Bates from St Colmcille's Community School discusses his experience developing and delivering this lesson on dependence with his 2nd Year students.

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