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Local Mental health Services 

This is a 2 part lesson which looks at youth mental health services in your area.

In Part 1, Students explore the local mental health services in their area and set up the criteria for a group research project to investigate some of these services.


In Part 2, students present their projects to the class and critique the local services available. The finished projects can be displayed as an up to date list of youth mental health services for all students in the school.


Junior Cycle Wellbeing

Strand 4: My Mental Health

Learning Outcome

4.6 Critique mental health services available to young people locally

Lesson 1


Lesson 2

Teacher's Notes

Mental health is everyone’s concern and mental health is the primary concern for young people.  We can’t think about youth mental health in isolation, young people are part of a network. Huge strides have been made since the start of this century in support services for young people and these lessons aim to highlight the network that is out there in your community to help young people through challenging times. That journey has not ended, your local services are probably not complete and it’s possible that young people need to push for change to improve those services.


While these lessons will focus on support services, it’s important not to lose sight of the impact of the adults in young people’s lives. Palmer Parker says that “for most young people, they’re afraid that we don’t see them.” Sometimes, taking the time to see that young person for who they are and who they are becoming is the most important thing we can bring to the classroom.

For further information about the services that may be available in your area, download the full teacher's notes.

Lesson Plan 1 - PDF
Lesson Plan 2 - PDF
Delivering Local Services 1

Delivering Local Services 1

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